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HEULEND HORN - The Saga Of The Draugr

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HEULEND HORN - The Saga Of The Draugr This is a Viking Metal album from Argentina! This project from Friedrich Curwenius explores the Viking culture. This is not your regular Viking Metal album, the Cd has 5 songs, each one lasting somewhere between 8 and 12 minutes, all instruments are handled by Curwenius, while the (guest) vocals are handled by Vargulf and Lord Edwar. 5 tracks of viking pagan metal!!! For fans of Graveland, Lord Wind, Bergthron, Wyrd, Summoning and many others pagan and epic black bands. Tracklisting: 1. The Rise Of The Unresting One 2. The Dead Wanderer 3. The Master Of The Winds 4. The Raid Of The Drakkar Wolf 5. Duel And Epilogue

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