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DEAD RAVEN CHOIR-Cast Strength Black Metal

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DCD version of the Weird Forest 3LP boxset from Polish artist Smolken (Wolfmangler). The most insane black metal release ever! Harsh sounding evil, atmospheric off-kilter black metal. Call it black metal folk. The loudest noisiest crazy insane sounding blasts of skree with strange folky melodic undertones of banjo, cello, mandolin, and percussions and the most frightening vocals ever dared to be recorded. Many traditional folk songs shrouded in blasts of white noise armageddon. For fans of twisted, unique, raw black metal with a very bent edge. Pray (no, commit ritual sacrifice) to the underworld that your stereo survives! For fans of Leviathan, Gorgoroth, Draugar, Xasthur, Burzum etc. Format: Jewelcase Genre: Black Metal

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