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VRANI VOLOSA -Heresy/Epec Digi-CD

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The new masterpiece, of these brilliant Folk Pagan Metal horde from Bulgaria!!! "Without a shadow of a doubt if they had been from a more 'fashionable' country their name would be on your lips already as one of the greatest and most important pagan metal bands around. They play a mixture of exciting Black Metal and earthy, vivid folk and they do so with honest determination.“ (Alan/Primordial) „By the light of the moon Vrani Volosa dig for the roots of the genre. Instead of mead metal they deliver a cornucopia of magic moments. "Heresy" points the Pagan connoisseur’s mind to Bulgaria.“ (Christoph Kutzer/Zillo) „Anybody who constantly laments, that everything was way better in the olden days and that true metal is not played anymore, will be disabused by VRANI VOLOSA's „Heresy“ (Thor Wanzek / Legacy - 13/15 Points) "Heresy" connects driving, versatile and anthemic rock with Metal determination. Strong record of Bulgaria’s Post-Pagan-Black-Metallers.“ (Eckart / - 8/10 Points)

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