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VRANI VOLOSA -Where the Heart Burns DigiCD+ Bonus

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Released as a beautiful Digi-CD incl. exclusive bonus track: BATHORY – „Man Of Iron“!!!! ### PRESS / STATEMENTS ### "Without a shadow of a doubt their name would be known as one of the most important pagan metal bands around if they came from a more 'fashionable' country . They play a mixture of exciting Black Metal and earthy, vivid folk and they do so with honest determination.“ (Alan/Primordial) „VRANI VOLOSA from Bulgaria play epic Pagan-Black-Metal, which definitely can compete with the works of the genre's greatest artists.“ (Bruder Cle/Rock Hard – 7/10 Points) „With this exalted and intoxicatingly epic hammer opus we have an absolutely fantastic Pagan Black Metal disc here.“ (Legacy - 15/15 Points) "In order to come to the point: (…) for me it is one of the best releases of the year ! Grand, emphatic Pagan Black Metal as it was meant to be!" (SirG / - 9/10 Points)

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