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BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES - Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart - Digi CD

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Black Depths Grey Waves - Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart Genre: Black Metal / Industrial Released: September 7th 2011 BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES is a black occult industrial project from the sickened minds of Clint Listing (As All Die, Long Winters Stare, When Joy Becomes Sadness) and Saint Ov Gravediggers (Ordo Tyrannis, Grim Pig) Noise-filled, black industrial, occult evocations - music that will make you feel at one with your disturbed mind. Tracklist: 1 The Hunt For Greater Truth 22:14 2 3rd Candle For The Fallen 16:36 3 Final Key To Pure Thought 5:39

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