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SATOR MARTE - Termonuklearni Evoluce

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SATOR MARTE - Termonuklearni Evoluce Teutonic and annihilating black metal. War mongering assassins sent forth to cut down the sheep of the cross...mercilessly and with extreme prejudice. Those into chaotic and blistering black metal shall swear allegiance to the latest horde to go forth and storm the gates!! Black metal ist krieg!! Hear them for yourself and prepare for battle!! Titel: 01. Nelze oklamat smrt 03:11 02. Válkou k novému světu 03:26 03. Symboly 03:34 04. Oddanost 02:58 05. Termonukleární evoluce 03:17 06. Valkou rozžhavená ocel 03:06 07. Hrot 03:15 08. Kód života, kód smrti 03:13 09. Obnovení řádu 03:57 10. Sedm 02:56 Spielzeit: 32:53

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