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WILL OF THE ANCIENTS - To our Glorious Dead

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WILL OF THE ANCIENTS - To our Glorious Dead Track Listing 1. The Trapper 2. Shield of Stone 3. Where Men Fear To Build 4. Divonioan Ascension 5. The Stars Like Dust 6. Trench Raider 7. To Our Glorious Dead There is literally tons of great Canadian bands out there and we are confident saying WOTA is one of the greatest we've heard in years! Melodic, yet heavy, fast and brutal in its very own way, the musical aesthetics of TO OUR GLORIOUS DEAD makes this album head and shoulders above your average band's first release (if not full discographies from professional touring bands!)... Although mixing various influences, the music found on this album is highly original and epic in every possible way. Stunning debut indeed.

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