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DORN-Schatten der Vergangenheit

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Roberto Liebig, once keyboarder of the German Black Death Metal crushers Riger, has been established in the scene until now as a talented soloist. The melodic and orchestral death-hymns are written in German language and fascinates the listeners with their conspicuous difference – Dorn creates his compositions with amorous dedication, which already led to some dramatic hit´s. These listeners, who enjoys the classic- orchestral by using keyboards known from the former albums „Falschheit“ (debut) and „Brennende Kälte“, will not disappointed by consuming the new and third output „Schatten der Vergangenheit“. This time the composition is even more variety than before, Liebig alias Dorn also involved clear vocals. The mighty thundering drums on „Schatten der Vergangenheit“ were played by Riger´s drummer Stefan Schieck. Tracks like the opener „Dorns Geburt“, „Seelenfieber“, „Dunkelherz“ or also the excellent played title-track reflecting the high-dedicated creative love of Liebig for dramatic and emotional songs. Mystic and atmospheric sounding instruments, and some times almost pop-like keyboard-creations leading through the album. „Schatten der Vergangenheit“ delivers bearing and forced rhythmic, but also very melodic guitar-work, combined with alternating significant growl- and screech-vocals full of morbid nature. The nine new tracks show an alternating sound-experience of the unusual kind, which moves from aggressive and fast rhythm-passages to dreamy and melancholic keyboard-walls and ear-catching melodies. The lyrics of „Schatten der Vergangenheit“ represents again his personal experiences and perceptions of diverse themes, without neglecting a critical view of his own mind. Tracklisting: 1. DORNS GEBURT 2. EWIGE REDNER 3. SELENFIEBER 4. DUNKELHEIT 5. DORNS HERZ 6. SCHATTEN DER VERGANGENHEIT 7. WAHRE MACHT 8. GERECHTIGKEIT 9. LICHT DER HOFFNUNG

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