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ESTATIC FEAR-Somnium Obmutum

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This album starts off with a beautiful acoustic intro and leads into the title song, Somnium Obmutum. Spanning just over a half an hour in legnth, there is not one dull moment. Not one dull moment to this entire album actually. There is a fantastic mixture of folk and classical music with doom metal. This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful albums I've ver had the honor to hear. There is much variety to find in this album... with acoustic guitars, flutes, and keyboards that create such an enchanting atmosphere. There are many great and beautiful guitar riffs to find as well. That atmosphere never lets up either. It continues all the way until the end and after the album is over, you are left simply in awe of what you've just heard. I find there to be even a bit of black metal elements in this album as well, although they may be few. There are also some female vocals thrown in the mix as well but, they are few as well which is a good thing since they use them wisely and don't go completely overboard with them as some bands tend to do. Actually, Estatic Fear have used everything wisely and created such a great listening experience that I often love to venture through as often as I can. I have not one complaint about this album. Estatic Fear have created a masterpiece and this is one of the most beautiful albums I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. It's unfortunate that this band seems to have just dissapeared as I'm sure they have the ability to carry on creating amazing pieces of music such as this. This album is, simply put... a masterpiece.

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