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WOLFCHANT - Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands

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Street Date: 25. NOVEMBER, 2005 Artist: WOLFCHANT Title: Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands CD => Cat.-Nr.: CCP 100262-2 UPC 693723373423 Style: Pagan Black Metal This hopeful formation of entire heart feels very close to the extensive green forests and picturesque mountains of its Bavarian homeland.On musically plain such passions can be enjoyed probably with vigorous Heathen Metal, which abounds with pure energetic sound power. This quintet, established in the year 2003, plays therefore highly melodic and marvellous hymn epic Pagan Metal with far expanded spectrum of moods and grim masculine vocal lines. CCP Records publish now the new debut-concept-album „Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands“ of these five nether-Bavarian admirers of nature. Various themes out of the Black- and Viking metal scene meets diverse sagas and legends out of the old Nordic mythology. And the lyrical plain is in Wolfchant through and through filled with heathenish idealism and mourn for the good ancient times. Numerous charming as sensitive acoustic guitar arrangements serving that very strong minded drink-horn-troop as perceptive possibility, to awake thrilling ancient atmospheres. With enchanting melodies, catchy refrains and high energically played instruments Wolfchant will confince the Pagan-, Viking- and Heathen Metal audience. Tracklist: 1. A Tale from the Old Fields 2:10 2. Clan of Cross 5:19 3. I am War 4:25 4. Mourning Red 5:46 5. Of Honour and Pride 4:47 6. Ride to Ruhn 4:33 7. The Betrayal 4:35 8. Sacrifice 5:38 9. Blood for Blood 6:04 10. Revenge 3:46 11. Clankiller 7:18 12. Visions of Death 1:36 13. Praise to All 4:23 Line-Up: LOKHI - Gesang SKAAHL - Gitarre DERRMORH - Gitarre GAAHNT - Bass NORGAHD - Schlagzeug, Keyboard, Gesang

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