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ASTAROTH-Organic Perpetual Hatework

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Cult Black Metal! New album+video Astaroth was formed in 1995 from Nemesis ((ex Styx) gui. and voc.), Astaroth (drums), Beowulf ((ex Myr) bass) and Berserker (formally vocals). In the same year, the four black metal musicians recorded their first CD “Christenfeind” which is well known in international areas. After a few gigs in their homeland, Astaroth entered the CCP studio again to record their second CD “Sklavengott”. With this CD, Astaroth once again made a statement to form a basement for the black metal scene in austria. A lot of concerts with bands like Satyricon, Emperor, Behemoth, Impaled Nazarene and others were played after the release of the second album. In 1998 Astaroth had extensive change in their Line-up and more than half of the members left the band. In the same year after the split, Nemesis the only remaining musician, found four new members to record in 1999 the new album “Violent Soundtrack Martyrium”. For the first time, the band used a keyboard as a permanent instrument for Astaroth. After many concerts the band had once again a change in their Line-up, because of private problems and internal fightings about the future and the style of Astaroth. Once again, Nemesis was the only remainig member. In 2001 he reformed Astaroth with the old members from the beginning of the band except Berserker. After a break for more than 2 years and a album called “Annus Suprimus” for the fans with rare and remasterd old tracks including the cult video of the band, Buch der Weisheit, one of the first black metal videos worldwide, Astaroth decided to record a new CD. “Organic Perpetual Hatework” was recorded in July 2005 in the halls of CCP Records. The concept of the album is the inner battle of soul, mind, spirit and heart, because of learned situations since the childhood. Religion or ethic points are the context of the CD. Most of the time the lyrics are like a inner monolog of different persons, like the duality of good and evil or god and the devil. The lyrics are about thoughts of brutal killings without any minority or emotional feelings, about soul abduction and raping by the power of higher ones or a simple statement against the senseless worship of spiritual icons and their meaning to the human life and existence. With this album, Astaroth once again made a typical black metal album with fast guitars, atmospheric sounds and melancolic parts. The new CD includes a video of the song “SoulCloned”. The professional video is about isolation, claustrophobic forces, lonleyness and the losing of the soul, seperated and marooned far away of any human and emotional feelings. The video is like a mirror which fits perfect to the basic feeling of the album. It tries to take the eye of the beholder to a voyage, to a journey to a seperated existence full of sense an full of extremly emptyness. The harmony of the album and the video is like the quintessence of the concept:” The search for your self”.

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